Yeddyurappa turns 69, wants opposition to shed rancour

Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa turned 69 on Sunday and appealed to the opposition notto come in the way of welfare of the state and work towards betterment of the lives of the poor.

Yeddyurappa said he had vowed to take the opposition leaders into confidence despite their “belligerent” behaviour towards him and his government ever since BJP came to power in 2008.

“I have spoken to leaders of both Congress and JD(S) and urged them to extend a helping hand to work towards bettering the lives of the poor and ensure overall development of the state,” he said.

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  1. Subu

    I heartily wish you a very happy birthday. This is a great occasion to reflect on the contribution you have made to the common man. Power in the hands of good souls is strength to everybody.
    You have used the power justly, wisely and boldly

    May the Almighty bestow you with good health and the same kind heart so that you can wipe the tears from the millions of Kannadigas!

    I wish I was a resident of Bangalore; I would have been a recipient of the generosity of a benevolent ruler

    I want to personally wish you ;when that great opportunity comes I will consider myself blessed

  2. Subu

    Putting money in Trust and not trust on money

    The latest canards against your Government by the JD(S) and other smaller parties are baseless. born out of blatant malice. What is wrong in mobilizing money for a noble cause like spreading education? Assuming the money was mobilized from corporates to color it as tainted is mischievous. Many companies donate money even to political parties and it does not preclude them from bidding for Government contracts. In this instance, there has been no nexus between the donees and donors, nor have a malicious quid pro quo established.
    Normally, ends justify the means but in this case even the means has been blemishless.

    Others put their trust in money and you have put the money in trust and that too in a noble venture. let not petty mudslinging deter you from the long journey to egalitarianism in education

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