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  1. Ravikiran.k t.n.kote

    Dear sir
    we proud of you politics devlopments… karnataka’s one and only c.m is b.s.yeddurappa

  2. prithvi raj

    ofcourse we thoroughly agree u r the absolute administrator as well as certain politician…i am the keen watcher of politics, but i never succeed in understanding ur moves. anyhow first curb the internal enemies then u can looka fter others…gud luck sir

  3. dileep kumar

    Dear sir, whatever it may be still you are our leader, Best of luck for your endeavors. We BJP workers are always with you, will be in any circumstance.

  4. Adarsh

    We know you are innocent! We are with you sir! 🙂

  5. SHIVA

    dear sir;;;
    We know you are innovcent and best C M for hyderabad karnataka developing.
    always H karnataka people r with u sir …

  6. vishwanath

    Hope that u will not leave the BJP, Bcoz u will be knowing that building a new party in this juncture is not a small thing, if you listen to people like Renukacharya, Sommana, katti ,Bommaia, suresh Gowda, bp harish, aynur manjunath really you will be in deep trouble, in the coming days, since you have many cases pending in the CBI you need the Support of either BJP or Congress in the Central to come out of the cases, So have little patience….. Time will resolve you problems… ( look at the examples of Jagan mohan reddy, lalu prasad, how they are treated again and again by the CBI)

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