Raichur power supply

Raichur Plant in trouble: CM concerned.

Raichur: The Raichur power supply plant had lost its power generation capacity in several plants (out of 8 units) and CM is due to send a team of technical experts to set right the weak plants soon. CM visited the RTPS complex and spoke later to waiting pressmen on Saturday.
In place of a total 1470 Mega Watts power generation, the Raichur complex produced 500 mw less for various technical disabilities, CM found. A complete investigation will be done on wear and tear by the experts’ team to discover pitfalls and faults in power supply, he added.
Based on the report from experts, KPC authorities will be alerted to make necessary alternations in plant units to obtain full measurers of coal induced power supply, CM conveyed.
There is no crisis in coal Supply, CM indicated, but the coal is affected by rains and wetness. The demand for power also has come down in rural areas, as rains are falling in the fields. Extra power is not needed to raise water, so extra coal supplies also are not called for, he told reporters.
Fellow ministers C.M. Udasi,  Karunakara Reddy, MLC Shankerappa and  ports Fisheries Minister Anand Asnotikar were present.