Quote hanger

CM Yeddyurappa was in full form at the Banquet Hall, speaking non-stop for over an hour. Here are some quotes:
“Getting classical language status for Kannada is our birthright. If the Centre does not provide classical status by Rajyotsava day (November 1), I as CM, I will not hesitate to hit the streets and launch a movement”
“Even if one person from the minority community comes forward and says he or she has being discriminated against in any of the programmes announced by our government, I am ready to take retirement from politics.”
“After becoming CM, I have not gone to bed before midnight on any day. Returning from my recent visit to the US, I landed at Bangalore airport at 4 am. Instead of taking rest, I immediately got to work”

“I am not able to speak fluently in English, but that does not come in my way of understanding the sufferings of the poor.”
“If a scheme like Bhagyalakshmi had been implemented 10 years ago, today thousands of girls would have been pursuing professional education. Implementing the scheme has given me great satisfaction”.
Kotta kudre yannu eradavanu veera noo alla, dheera noo alla (The person who cannot ride the horse he has been given is not a warrior). This was said Allama Prabhu.
(In the context of his decision to take MLAs from other parties to the BJP to stabilize his government).
Villages are turning into old age homes, with the migration of youth in large numbers to urban centres. We need to check this trend by improving facilities in rural areas.

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