Points Mentioned by the CM in the press meet

Points Mentioned by the CM in the press meet

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Opposition Leaders and some adversaries are making repeated allegations against me and my family members in the media about the same subject. By this, they are  trying  to mislead the people, tarnish my image and cover up their irregularities. In this context I would like to give the following clarifications.

1.   A BDA Site has been allotted to my son B.Y. Raghavendra  under M.P quota.

2.   Allotment of sites to sitting and  former MLAs, MPs, Achievers in various fields etc., under “G” category  is in practice from several years  and during all regimes.

3.   For example, 149 sites have been allotted during late J.H. Patel’s tenure, 334 during S.M. Krishna’s tenure, 76 during Dharam Singh’s tenure, 288 during H.D. Kumaraswamy’s tenure. 136 sites have been allotted during the last two and half years of Government.

4.   On the same lines, allotment of a site to B.Y. Raghavendra under M.P. quota is not violative of any rules.

5.   Former Chief Minister Sri Dharam Singh had allotted sites to his daughter and other close relatives.

6.   Similarly, Sri H.D. Kumaraswamy had allotted sites to his relatives during his tenure as Chief Minister.

7.   Another notable aspect is that, entire family members and relatives of Sri H.D. Kumaraswamy have been allotted more than 30 adjacent sites in a single layout in Mysore.

8.   Hence, my friends in the opposition have to introspect before making the charges of nepotism against me for allotting a site to Mr. Raghavendra on M.P. quota.

9.   Regarding Fluid Power Technologies Company, it was started during 2007. There are 8 Directors including my sons                 B.Y. Raghavendra and B.Y. Vijayendra.

10.   This company had applied to KIADB for allotment of  2 acres of land in Jigani Industrial Area to expand their business. Following this application, land has been allotted as per norms.

11.   Though the stipulated full amount towards this allotment has been paid by the company to KIADB, the land has not yet been handed over due to a dispute between  the Land Owners and KIADB.

12.   This type of allotments have been made during the tenure of various Chief Ministers previously. For example land has been allotted to Mr. Prasad R Deshapande S/o R,V, Deshapande,   Mr. Mahima Patel S/o J.H. Patel, Dr. G. Parameshwar,(Present KPCC President), Mr. T. Prabhakar (Former Chairman, KSRTC), Mr. Balakrishne Gowda, brother of H.D. Kumaraswamy etc.

13.   On the same lines, land has been allotted as per stipulated norms to Fluid Power Technologies Company also. But, unnecessary hue and cry is being raised about this allottment.

14.   My family members are running the Educational Institutions in Shimoga District since 1995. Our family has a sincere concern for the cause of education and health care in rural areas.

15.   Sahyadri Health Care Private Limited is proposed to be established at Shimoga in order to provide better health care to the citizens of Shimoga town and adjoining rural areas. Consultations in this regard have been made with the noted cardiologist Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty.

16.   In addition to the existing 2 acres of land owned by our family, 5 acres of adjacent land is being purchased through KIADB with the consent of the owners.

17.   The Project has been duly approved by the single window.

18.   Sri Hemachandra Sagar, MLA, is no way connected with this institution at present.

19.   Still his name is being dragged and baseless allegations are leveled against me and my family members to create confusion in the minds of the people.

20.   My daughter Umadevi is an M.Com Graduate. She had worked in BPL Company for 12 years.

21.   Based on this technical work experience, she had started a BPO called Candor Business Solutions Private Limited 6 years back, i.e. much before I came to power.

22.   Based on the application of this firm seeking  allotment of 2 acres of land to expand the business, KIADB has duly sanctioned land at Harohalli, which is around 55 KMs from Bangalore. This land has got rocky surface and not that suitable for any economic activity.

23.   If I wanted to favour my daughter, would I be allotting such a land which is  55 KMs away from Bangalore? I leave it for your inference.

About De-notification

24.   The process of de-notification of private lands acquired by BDA and KIADB for various purposes, is a routine practice during all regimes.

25.   Some of the details about de-notifications during various Governments are as follows:- Sri S.M. Krishna-633 acres, Sri. Dharam Singh-110, Sri. H.D. Kumaraswamy-266+80 acres of bulk allotment to Vishwa Bharathi House Building Co.op. Society,, President’s Rule-124. Likewise, 259 acres have been de-notified during the last two and half years of my rule.

26.   Mr. H.D. Kumaraswamy had de-notified around 145 acres of land in 9 different cases on 7.10.2007, only a few days before the withdrawal of support to the coalition Government by our party.

27.   Present opposition leader Sri Siddaramaiah had recommended to me to de-notify around 6 acres of land belonging to his close relative one Dr. P.Mallikarjuna Swamy, in Kenchanapura village, Kengeri Hobli, Bangalore South Taluk. I had given approval for this.

28.   Mr. H.D. Kumaraswamy has sanctioned 6 acres of land to his elder brother Sri Balakrishne Gowda at White Field when he was the Chief Minister.

29.   Mr. R.V. Deshapande has allotted 1 acre of land to his son Prasad R Deshapande at White Field when he was Industries Minister.

30.   At this stage, I do not want to unnecessarily drag the names of these senior leaders into controversy. I would like to just bring to your notice that the process of de-notification of land due to genuine reasons is a routine practice in all Governments.

31.   Thus, no rule has been violated by KIADB while granting lands to my children. No nepotism is also involved in this case.

32.   A committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Sri Subir Hari Singh, Additional Chief Secretary, to examine all the applications seeking de-notifications and to make necessary recommendations to the Government.

Developmental Initiatives of our Government

33.   Opposition Leaders and some of my adversaries are unable to digest the popularity of our Government. Our party has been winning all the elections held after Assembly Elections in 2008. Both the party and the Government have gained ground.  Developmental initiatives during the last two and half years have been well received. Bhagyalakshmi Scheme has become popular and the Global Investors Meet received overwhelming response. All these have caused heart burn to these leaders. Hence, they are indulging in dis-information campaign.

34.   The people of the State have recognized and approved our policies and programmes.  I am committed to pursue the same path more vigorously to make Karnataka a model and developed State during the remaining two and half years.

35.   Our Government is the first one in the country to successfully implement “Bhagyalakshmi” scheme for the empowerment of girl child born in a BPL family. The scheme has been so successful that all other States are coming forward to emulate this.

36.   The JDS leaders are unable to digest the success of the programme of distribution of sarees to the mothers of  Bhagyalakshmi beneficiaries. Hence, they are accusing of corruption in the purchase of sarees. There is no truth whatsoever in this allegation.

37.   Even when the Assembly was convened to discuss the developmental issues, the opposition leaders resorted to staging dharanas and failed to participate in healthy discussions on the floor of the assembly. The protests against the Bhagyalakshmi programmes at Hassan and Mandya was un-called for. Despite this, the programme was a huge success.

38.   The opposition leaders were also opposed to the “Global Investors Meet”, which has heralded a new industrial revolution in the State.

39.   We have prepared a booklet containing the details of all the programmes and the progress achieved during the last two and half years.  The booklet has been circulated to all the MLAs, M.Ps and others. We are ready to consider any constructive suggestions, feed back etc. and take up corrective measures.

40.   We are implementing various power projects to generate enough power in the State so that our State becomes self-sufficient in Power Sector.

Second in the Country in Development

41.   We have given utmost priority to development of agriculture, irrigation, rural development, social justice and fiscal management etc., A recent survey by the Central Government regarding the implementation of 20 point programme in all States has revealed that Karnataka is in second position in the entire country. Earlier our State was in 12th and 7th position during 2008 and 2009 respectively.

42.   Our Government has formulated and  implemented a new mining policy to prevent illegal mining and conservation of forest wealth by restricting issue of mining permits only for value addition. We have also banned the export of iron ore from the State. Previous Governments were sleeping over these matters.

Congress Padayatra

43.   The Congress Leaders who resorted to Padayatra from Bangalore to Bellary to highlight the issues of illegal mining etc. are keeping complete mum on the issue now.

44.   So is the silence of JDS Leaders about NICE Project.

Distribution of Free Bicycles

45.   Distribution of free bicycles to 8th standards students was another land mark programme of our Government. The opposition members accused us of corruption even in this scheme. We took this allegation as a challenge and appointed a committee headed by senior leader M.C. Nanaiah to conduct an enquiry in this regard. After fully knowing that no irregularity is involved in purchase of bicycles, Sri M.C. Nanaiah simply resigned from the Chairmanship of the enquiry committee.

46.   The allegations such as our government is looting, the treasury is empty etc. by the opposition leaders is just to divert the attention of the public from our developmental initiatives.

47.   These people believe in the old saying that if a lie is repeated many times, it becomes a truth.

48.   The opposition leaders seem to have a single point programme of only obstructing the developmental process of our Government.

49.   The recent drama of Congress and JDS leaders taking the so-called rebels to Chennai, Goa etc. to destabilize our Government has also become an utter flap.

50.   I am not at all bothered by these baseless and trivial allegations. I am fully committed to build a model and developed Karnataka during the next two and half years.

Ready for an enquiry by Retired Supreme Court Judge

51.   I am ready to have a probe by a retired Supreme Court Judge regarding all the issues related to de-notifications in the State during the last 10 years.

52.   I am also thinking to convene a two days session entirely to discuss the issues related to de-notifications during the last 10 years.

53.   I am going to discuss about these two proposals with my friends in the opposition and take appropriate decision in the interest of the State.

54. The documents that have been released today are only the tip of an ice berg. I have loads of documents to show the magnitude of irregularities that took place during various governments.  I will  disclose them at an appropriate time.  Opposition leaders may also submit the documents with them to the enquiry committee. Let the people of the State know the truth and decide.

55.     I would like to close this chapter once and for all by taking appropriate actions based on the reports by the enquiry committee.

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