News in brief: Govt. has agreed to grant doctors’ demands

Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa today said the state government had grant the demands of doctors in various categories for a hike in their monthly allowance.

He told reporters here the state government had agreed to hike the allowance to the doctors despite the flood havock the state was facing presently as it considered health as an important sector for the benefit of the people.

The government had agreed to increase their rural allowance from Rs 6000 to Rs 7000 with immediate effect, he said, adding the allowancefor doctors who come from rural services to the urban areas would be hiked to Rs 5000 from Rs 4,500.

The allowance for ‘super specialists’ was also being hiked to Rs 10,000 a month, he said. He said the decision on the hike was unanimous and doctors who had gone on strike a few months ago have accepted it.

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