My father is fearless but deeply hurt, says Yeddy’s daughter


Deccan Chronicle 18-10-2011, Page 4









There is no hiding the anguish as B.Y. Aruna Devi, eldest daughter of former chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa opens up on the plight of her jailed father who once strode through the corridors of power like a colossus with his loyalists in tow.

“He does not deserve so much pain. As a daughter, I hate this helplessness. None of us (five children) are able to share his burden, the mental trauma he is going through at this moment,” said B.Y. Aruna Devi, eldest daughter of former chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa, expressing the family’s anguish over not being able to visit him at the heavily guarded Jayadeva Institute.

With a stream of VIPs visiting him, the family has chosen to stay away. “My brothers called on him with other visitors. But, the rest of us kept away as we know his needs to rest. The realization that he is now not just hospitalized, but is within a system (jail) hurts us a lot. We only hope he gets bail immediately,” said Aruna Devi, a social worker and director of Jan Sikshan Samsthan in Shimoga, who is shocked over the sudden turn of events.

“I know his mind. He is fearless but is deeply hurt. He will fight back as he is not the one to sit and cry,” says Aruna Devi, recalling what her mother once told them about the Emergency days. “Then too, my father had protested against bad food in the jail. He always finds a cause to keep himself busy. We have seen past chief ministers and will see many others in future. But he will continue to be a role model.”

Mr Yeddyurappa’s greatest strength is his ability to think positively, feels his daughter. “Like him, we only hope for the best. We want him to get bail and emerge innocent. He has done no harm to anybody,” says Aruna Devi adding that till such time, he will be missed at home.

Suffering from diabetes and hypertension, Mr Yeddyurappa’s health was precarious and doctors had advised him to get an angiogram done last month.

“He refused to be hospitalised as his mind was preoccupied with the Koppal bypoll. His discipline is admirable. He likes simple food like cooked vegetables, fibre-rich food, kashayas and soups, chapattis and occasionally ragi mudde, which is freshly prepared. He never misses his vegetable juice in the morning or his walk and is a compulsive newspaper reader. My sister Uma is almost like a mother to him, taking care of his food and health.”

His fondness for astrology is something people at home perhaps never approved of. But they soon realized it was his guiding force says Aruna Devi.