M’lore: Anti cow slaughter legislation has a history in India – Yeddyurappa

State’s finances could never have been better, though there are shortcomings and loopholes that are draining the finances of the state they were not serious and will be fixed by the state’s revenue intelligence soon said Mr. Yeddyurappa Chief Minister of Karnataka here today. Mr. Yeddyurappa addressed a press conference during his one day tour of the Dakshina Kannada district.

The Chief Minister said the RBI had patted Karnataka for its financial management and it has ranked the state among the top states in financial management. The tax collection was at a healthy level and the central government has commended the model of tax collection employed by the state government. The state was indeed the topper in generating revenue models Mr. Yeddyurappa stated.

Though we were not able to generate as much as power as we would liked to in the last five years after the BJP government has come to power, there is a resolve to generate over 5000 MW by the end of the five year term and things were already moving in that direction. Presently the state was falling short of 1000 MW of power but we were making up the deficit good by purchasing power from the grid to that extent. He said the Udupi power plant which was in the final stages of completion will soon start power production and the state will be shorter by only 500 MW and in due course when other power projects come to primacy even that deficit will be wiped out Mr. Yeddyruappa hoped, making Karnataka a power excess state was the dream of the BJP government he added.