Letter to Hon’ble PM of India

Respected Prime Minister,

As you are aware that in the year 1924, Belgaum in Karnataka had hosted the 39th Annual Session of the Indian National Congress which was presided over by Mahatma Gandhiji. This event created history as it was the only session of the Indian National Congress which was presided over by Bapuji. This event which took place after hundred years from the Kittur Uprising of 1824 to the 39th Session of the Congress Belgaum in 1924 was featured in the national news for its role as a catalyst to the freedom struggle. Infact  Gandhiji’s formula for freedom struggle was first disclosed in Belgaum Session. It is also said that Swami Vivekananda’s idea to visit the World Parliament of Religions was first developed in Belgaum. There are many instances in the annals of Indian history to show that Belgaum occupied a prime place in the freedom struggle, It is very appropriate that Belgaum which had earned a pride place should be developed and in order to develop Belgaum City we have formulated a Vision as follows:

” To transform Belgaum as the City of the decade 2011-2021 to provide its citizens a safe and sustainable environment, with state-of-the-art infrastructure, service delivery, connectivity and economic well being supported by an efficient governance framework. ”

To achieve the desired results in consonance with the Mission Statement, the Government of Karnataka has prepared a detailed “City Development Strategy and Investment Plan for PBelgaum City” which is enclosed to this letter. The total investments  estimated for the development infrastructure would be around Rs.4329.40 crores.

I shall be grateful if you could kindly include this project in the ensuing budget of the Union Government as a special project. I am happy to inform you that the State Government would be willing to bear 10% of the cost of the project as per the Government of India guidelines. I shall be thankful if you could kindly issue directions to the Union Urban Development Ministry to incorporate this project on priority to commemorate visit of Mahatma Gandhiji to Belgaum City for the 39th Annual Session of the Congress and hope our request is considered favourably.

With regards,


Yours sincerely,




Dr.Manmohan Singh

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India


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