Letter to Hon’ble PM of india & Hon’ble Minister of State for Environment and Forests

Respected Prime Minister,

Sub: Classical status to Kannada Language – Constitution of Standing Finance Committee-reg

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Government of India has by notification conferred classical language  status for Kannada language and by virtue of this declaration by Government of India, the classical Kannada Language is entitled for the following benefits for the development of the language.

1. Two major annual international awards for scholars of eminence in Kannada

2. A center for excellence for studies in Kannada

3. Creation of Professional Chairs of Kannada Language in central universities under U.G.C.

I have already addressed three letters to you on 31-12-2008, 29-102009 and 11-02-2010 requesting to direct the concerned Ministry to take up follow up action to setup Standing Finance Committee in order to  operationalise the scheme. Requests were also made to the Ministry of’ Human Resource Development, Ministry of Culture and Director  of Languages, for setting up a Standing Finance Committee and to take all further follow up action to extend the benefits admissible for the Classical Language status given to Kannada.

In this connection, as you are aware already more than two years have elapsed since according of classical Language status to Kannada and no  benefit has  accrued consequent to the Government of India order ..

The people of Karnataka in general and Kannada Literary personalities in the State in particular are feeling led down for the delay in implementation of Classical language Status given to Kannada language.

I therefore once again request you to kindly bestow your personal attention and suitably instruct the concerned for constituting Standing Finance Committee for operationalising the classical status given to Kannada language and help us to get the benefits for the promotion of the language at the earliest.

With kind regards.

Yours sincerely,




Dr. Manmohan Singh

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, South Block, New Delhi..

Copy to: Sri Kapil Sibal, Hon’ble Minister for Human Resource Development Department, Government of India, New Delhi.


On (14/02/11)

Dear Shri Jairam Rameshji,

Sub: Comments/suggestions on CRZ Notification, .2011-reg.


At the outset, I thank you for revising Coastal Zone Management Policy in the country. It may kindly be recalled that I had sent a set of recommendations both on the pre draft CRZ Notification and on the draft CRZ Notification, vide my D.O. letters dated 5th July 2010 and 13th November 2010 addressed to you, requesting to incorporate the same in the final Notification. However, in the final CRZ Notification 2011 published in the Government of India Gazette dated: 06th January 2011, many of the vital suggestions that were recommended to be incorporated have not been included. This is certainly going to cause certain hardship to local people and industries operating in coastal areas.

A few of the suggestions which ought to have found place in the new CRZ Notification for ensuring protection of the Coastal Environment and sustainable  development are furnished as under.-

a) Extend the relaxation / provisions with respect to width of the CRZ in the riverine Islands, facilities for the local fishermen / local communities and provision for infrastructure on par with Kerala, Goa and N avi Mumbai in order to avoid discrimination and differential treatment.

b) Necessary  changes be incorporated in the CRZ Notification to permit establishment of ice plants, cold storages, fish processing units and the other amenities such as community hall, schools/colleges, hospitals, crematoria, etc. in the area falling within the 200 – 500 mts Zone of CRZ III.

c) Construction of roads for improving communication facilities falling under CRZ should be exempted .

d) The fishermen villages which have been substantially  developed and classified as CRZ-III  shall be given the status of CRZ-II in order to facilitate development of infrastructure required for the fishermen and other local communities towards the landward side .

e) Mining is a prohibited activity in the CRZ areas except for rare minerals that are not available  outside CZR areas. This willcause hardship for themining of  seashell and sand which are being traditionally done by the  local communities to cater to the local needs. This aspect has to be looked into and seashell and sand mining be permitted by the Coastal Zone Management Authority with due care for protection of environment.

f) By way of restrictions laid down in this notification, the inherited right of the people to develop their property especially those owning  residential and commercial property in regulated CRZ areas have been taken away. The commercial value of such  assets have also diminished.  This has put  the local inhabitants into hardship. Having taken away certain rights, the government owes the responsibility of compensating such losess.  These aspects need to be in-built and a mechanism  for compensating such losses  has to be put in. place for conservation of eco sensitive areas.

g) The State Coastal Zone Management Authorities shall be strengthened through appropriate infrastructure and Monitory-supports from the center in order to ensure compliance to the  Notification and to undertake measures for protection and  Conservation of  the Unique Coastal Eco System.

h) Necessary provision for the repair / reconstruction of the  structures that are in existence in CRZ I even I before the inception of the CRZ Notification without changing the use needs to be incorporated in order to ensure the safety of structures and well being of the residents.

i) The Notification apparently has  allowed only traditional fishing in the water body ie. up to 12 Nautical miles inside the sea and in the estuaries rivers and back waters up to the salinity level of 5PPf  Legally it may create problem for an innumerable number  of . Fishermen using mechanized boats/fishing vessels. This needs  suitable correction.

j) Facilities required for patrolling and vigilance activities of marine / coastal police stations are listed under prohibited activities as per para 3 [xiv] . These are essential requirements from the National Security point of view. It is therefore necessary to incorporate necessary changes in the Notification to bring it under the permissible activity:

I therefore request you to consider the above suggestions and ensure that these are incorporated appropriately in the Notification.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,




Shri Jairam Ramesh,

Hon ‘ble Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Environment and Forests,

Government of India.

Paryavarn Bhavan, Lodhi Road,

CGO Complex, New Delhi”110003.

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