Is State Govt a Pakistan to KMF, asks CM

“Is the relation between Karnataka Milk Federation and state government like that of India and Pakistan? Why cant KMF sit with us to discuss the issue, instead of taking an unilateral decision to increase milk price by Rs 2 per litre?” This was the remark made by Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, at a function organised to mark the 100 days of his government in office.
He said that the KMF, instead of politicising the milk price issue, should sit for discussions with the government. “I have no obligations. Come what may, I will not allow the price of milk to go up further. People are already over-burdened with rise in prices of various commodities”.

In a lighter vein, Yeddyurappa said, “People who are drinking beer should give up their drink and begin consuming milk to encourage farmers. The government is paying Rs 2 a litre as incentive to milk producers”.

Dig at opposition
The CM did not forget the Opposition parties – he said he did not get the much-needed co-operation from the Opposition on various occasions. “I am not for vindictive politics. Even when we had to meet the Prime Minister at Delhi to take up Karnataka issues, I did not get the support of the Opposition. The responsibility of the Opposition is equal to that of the ruling party in a democratic system. Unfortunately, the Opposition is nitpicking. Let the people assess the performance of my government,” he said.

The Chief Minister added, “The Opposition has alleged that my family members have taken commission to purchase cycles for school children. Those who indulge in such acts will be severely punished by God.”

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