Important Points during the discussions with Mr. Yu Zhengsheng,Party Secretary of Shanghai, and second highest authority in the Communist party of China, 05.09.2009.

1.    Mr. Yu Zhengsheng, assured the Hon’ble Chief Minister, that a Shanghais delegation will visit Bangalore to participate in Global Investors, Jan 2010 and extended invitation Karnataka to participate in the World Expo 2010, Shanghai, China.

2.    Hon’ble Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa, in turn told Mr. Yu Zhengsheng that a delegation from Karnataka will participate in World Expo 2010, Shanghai, China.

3.    During the discussion, both the leaders stressed the need for closed ties and co-ordination between India and China inTtrade and Commerce.

4.    Mr. Yu Zhengsheng recalled his earlier visit to India, especially Bangalore and said that it was a fruitful visit. He lauded the accomplishments of Bangalore in IT and BT Secotrs.

Talking points for Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka for Meeting with Mr. Yu Zhengsheng,Party Secretary of Shanghai

1.    Thank you Excellency for your warm words of welcome and your hospitality. We recall your visit to Bangalore last year.
2.    I am very happy to be in Shanghai which is one of the most vibrant and fast expanding financial and economic hubs in the world today.
3.    I would like to compliment the city leadership for establishing world class infrastructure and sustaining double digit growth in Shanghai.
4.    India-China relations have made remarkable progress in the last few years. Top leaders from both countries have had frequent meetings which have helped in deepening mutual trust. Your visit to India last year was particularly significant in this regard.
5.    China has now become our largest trading partner and our bilateral trade has registered a record increase to reach US dollars 52 billion in 2008.
6.    I am pleased that Shanghai has become one of our key business partners in China with two-way trade close to 10% of the bilateral total.
7.    The finest of corporate India including some from the State of Karnataka, like TCS and Infosys are already based in Shanghai.
8.    One of the key areas of our engagement has been Information Technology. India has recognized strengths in IT software and China’s strength in IT hardware is globally acknowledged.
9.    Several Indian IT companies have set up software development centers in Shanghai and are exploring ways and means of expanding co-operation further.
10.    Likewise there are many Chinese companies like Huawei Technologies and Lenovo that have set up R&D centers in Bangalore.
11.    Leading construction companies from Shanghai are presently executing key infrastructure projects in India, some in partnership with Indian companies.
12.    As opportunities for investment in Indian infrastructure are opening up, more and more Chinese companies would, I am sure, look to invest in India.
13.    Karnataka has taken a firm decision to improve its infrastructure in all sectors significantly.  We are, therefore, organizing an investors meeting on 7th September in your city to attract more Chinese investments in Karnataka.
14.    The centuries old cultural contacts between the two civilizations provide a strong foundation for the enduring friendship between the two countries.   Increasing exchanges in culture and enhancing people-to-people contacts also play an important role in strengthening mutual understanding between the two peoples.
15.    My state has a number of attractive places of historic and cultural importance for tourists to visit. I suggest that many more tourists to visit Karnataka and see the natural beauty and rich heritage in my state.
16.    Shanghai is going to host the World Expo next year and there is general expectation that this will be the most spectacular expo ever.  India is looking forward to its participation.
17.    Our pavilion with the theme ‘Cities in Harmony’ is already under construction.
18.    Excellency, since we met last in Bangalore, I have led my party in another important election in Karnataka and I am happy to inform you that the people of my state have supported me and my Government overwhelmingly.
19.    I have now to take my agenda for development forward in Karnataka. It is my dream to see that the benefits of growth spread beyond Bangalore to all other districts of the State. I would like our agriculture and rural areas to develop.
20.    My government has given special priority to skill development, particularly in rural areas so that fresh employment can be created in less developed areas.
21.    Just as Shanghai is a special city in China, so is Bangalore in India. We lead the country in Information technology, Bio-technology and Knowledge industries.
22.    Shanghai and Bangalore therefore can work together in many areas and I hope we can take the partnership forward in days to come. If time permits I would like to visit the Shanghai Expo 2010 or my representatives will definitely attend this Expo.
23.    Meanwhile, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your companies to participate in the Global Investors Meet in Bangalore in January, invest in Karnataka and give us the chance to reciprocate your gracious hospitality.

Thank you Excellency once again for the opportunity for the exchange of views.

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