I’m a true son of the soil

I’m a true son of the soil

The Opposition is in a panic in Karnataka. They feel threatened by the success of the BJP in my state.

The BJP, which had only 2 seats in the Karnataka Assembly in 1985, has grown steadily every year. In the 2004 Assembly elections, it won 79 seats.

I created history by bringing the BJP to power on its own 10 months ago. Let’s not forget that this is the first-ever BJP government in the South.

I am not an English-speaking, elite politician. But I know the pulse of the people and what they actually want. I am a son of the soil. A real one at that, and not a fake!

The BJP won five seats in the recent by-elections, taking the strength of the party to 115 seats in our 224-member Assembly.

The Opposition has failed in the local body elections. No wonder they are worried about the Lok Sabha elections.

With the blessings of the people of Karnataka, I have presented the fourth Budget in succession. The latest was my second Budget as Chief Minister. I had presented two Budgets as Deputy Chief Minister earlier.

The speciality of all four Budgets is that I have maintained uniformity in priorities. They are farmer-friendly and focussed on rural development.

The 2009-10 Budget is unique. I have ensured that all sections benefit from it. Budget proposals made for 2008-2009 are being implemented. Government Orders (GOs) have been issued for 90 per cent of these proposals. By the end of March 2009, almost all Budget proposals will be implemented.

For every 100 days of my governance, I submit a report to the people through a booklet. The second such booklet is already with the public. The third is ready, but I cannot release it because of the election code of conduct.

People see my achievements. The Opposition can check them out too. Yet, they are raising silly, emotional issues to misguide the public. The Opposition in Karnataka does not want the state to progress.

If anyone has any doubt about my achievements, they can approach the authorities through the Right to Information Act (RTI Act) and can bring out the truth.

Citizens in Karnataka are enlightened. They can understand the tricks of the Opposition. The voters will definitely support our government and its people-oriented policies.

Every small incident is being blown out of proportion. Frustrated opposition parties and self-proclaimed custodians of ‘secularism’ have not been able to digest the fact that people have voted for the BJP. I request people in the other parts of India not to jump to wrong conclusions on the basis of these campaigns, which are full of lies and jealousy.

The BJP is all set to win more 20 to 22 of the 28 seats in Karnataka. The pre-election surveys conducted by the media have predicted that the BJP will win 18 to 20 seats. This has further struck fear in the minds of the Opposition.

I am fully confident that the pro-people programmes of my government will bring good results for the BJP in the coming elections.

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