Enough power to export

Enough power to export: plans are a foot CM.Bangalore: In the next 3 years, the state will be power-surplus and such excess electricity will be exported to other states where it may be needed, for which planning is done right now, said CM Yeddyurappa on a tour of Belgaum at Nidasosi on Tuesday.
Perhaps he was aware that in CM Nijalingappa’s rule, the larger Mysore state was surplus in power and he had gone out of state to bring industries and services here to utilise the excess production of power.
But fast growing Bangalore since 1965 in many ways utilised the power fully and went deficit, seeking more power from Goa, Tamilnadu, Andhra, even Gujarat and Maharastra.
CM Yeddyurappa also held out as hope of providing jobs for 10 lakhs of qualified youngsters in the next 3 years. He banked on Rs 5 lakhs crores from local and outside investors to create jobs in the state, and the results will be known in the next 2 years.