Dharwad violence a conspiracy against govt: C.M.

Bangalore, Jun 10: Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa today accused that yesterday’s violence by farmers in Dharwad city was a conspiracy hatched by ‘vested political interests’ against the BJP government in the state. Refusing to accept that farmers were behind the violence during their agitation against short supply of fertilisers in the state, he suspected the handiwork of some vested interests.

Speaking to newspersons here today he said the state government had taken all possible measures to meet the requirement of fertilisers of the farmers. The Union government had sent its Secretary, Department of Chemicals and Fertilisers to Karnataka following state government’s appeal over the crisis of fertiliser and the latter had assured supply sufficient quantity of chemical fertilisers.

While condemning the violent incidents during farmers agitation in which over three state-owned buses were set on fire, the Chief Minister stated that farmers were not behind such violent incidents and government was aware about the real culprits who were.

“The priority of the moment of the government is to ensure adequate supply of fertilisers and sowing seeds,” he said.

While ensuring that state govenrment would make all efforts to meet the requirements of the farmers, the Chief minister appealed the farmers not to panic over the issue.

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