Continue lighting lamps for Kannada: BSY

Nov 1: On the eve of Karnataka celebrating its 53rd Rajyotsava Day, OneIndia spoke to an ecstatic Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa. BJP in its first year of Governance in South India and Karnataka in particular has achieved the impossible. Kannada has been accorded with Classical status. And this BJP says is its Gift to people of Karnataka.
A jubilant Yeddyurappa (BSY to media) says Oct 31 as the most unforgettable day and gives special instructions to Kannadigas to continue lighting lamps all over the state. “Now, Kananda culture and Kannada literature has got the right place in history”, affirms BSY. With this status, Kannadigas will get the special preference in jobs
be it any sector.

“I want each and every person in the state not to beg for 2 meals a day”, and in our rule will make this dream a fact. This has been mentioned in our Budget and state BJP is working towards it, said BSY.

When asked about the attack on North Indians and whether this may affect our State, BSY firmly tells that Kannadigas are humble and peaceful people and so the question stands null. CM says, “Caste, religion are the only factors to bring this divide”.

Talking about Budget, OneIndia reminded him about a separate power generation for Bangalore. “We have signed an MoU with Chhattisgarh and very soon Bangalore will be self-sufficient”, he promised. While this means the farmers land are forcefully being purchased in and around Mysore for this purpose. CM at this juncture pointed it out that no fertile land will be touched and a developed land will be given in return to farmers and not money, to avoid Singur crisis from happening..

Lok Sabha elections are approaching and BJP Govt in state is playing the trump cards of ‘Modi’s Hindutva’ and ‘Atalji ka rajya’. 25 MPs with the sole aim of ‘Commitment to the party’ will be chosen, he said.

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