CM’s letter to HE. Governor

Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri B.S.Yeddyurappa  has written a letter to His Excellency the Governor of Karnataka, Raj Bhavan, on 18/05/2011 the content of the letter is as fallows.

Your Excellency,

As you are kindly aware, the State Cabinet had met on 13th May 2011 and had resolved to urgently convene both Houses of Legislature with effect from 16th May 2011. Accordingly, suitable proposals were submitted to your kind self on 13.05.2011 itself, seeking your approval to convene the Legislature. However, there has been no response from your office in this regard.

Subsequently, the State Cabinet again met on 16.05.2011 and resolved “that it is necessary to urgently pass the full Budget for better implementation of the development programmes”. Hence, it was resolved to recommend to your kind self to convene both Houses of Legislature for a period of 10 days from Thursday, the 2nd June, 2011. Accordingly, the proposal along with the Cabinet Resolution was submitted to your office on 16.05.2011 itself.

Your Excellency, as you are aware, we have presented a separate Agricultural Budget for the year 2011-12. Karnataka is the first State in the country to take such a progressive step. As part of the Agricultural Budget, we have announced several seasonal schemes including Suvarna Bhoomi and the programme for de-siltation of tanks. Such schemes have to be substantially implemented before the onset of monsoon. This year there have been some early rains in several parts of the State and hence it has become imperative to advance the schedule in respect of some of these programmes. Further, these programmes require large part of the spending during the first three to four months itself. This will not be possible with the present vote on account which allows for expenditure of only 1/3rd of the budgeted outlays.

Hence, it is essential and appropriate that in the interest of the development of the State, the full budget should be passed by the Legislature at the earliest.

            In the circumstances, on behalf of the State Cabinet, I once again earnestly urge you to immediately accord your kind approval for convening both the Houses of Legislature for a period of 10 days from Thursday, the 2nd June, 2011.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,



Chief Minister


Shri  H.R.Bhardwaj,

His Excellency the Governor of Karnataka, Raj Bhavan,


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