CM rejects mediation on Belgaum

Bangalore: Maharashtra govts, keep on harping on a border dispute over Belgaum, when everything has been settled as per the M.C. Mahajan Commission report long ago, therefore there is no question of holding a meeting of two chief Ministers (Karnataka and Maharashtra) with PM Manmohan Singh at this late hour, said CM B.S. Yeddyurappa in Belgaum when reporters confronted him on Nitin Gadkari’s (BJP president) suggestion, which he (CM) turned down today.
CM told reporters that he would write to Nitin Gadkari early on the matter to tell him that his suggestion was not acceptable to Karnataka. He even did not want the Maharashtra BJP to contact him, he acidly told the press.
The border dispute is a closed chapter, as Karwar and Belgaum belonged to Karnataka, as per Mahajan report which is final, CM shot off in answer to queries from the Forth Estate today.