CM pays tributes to Pandit Puttaraj Gawai.

Banglore : Just returning from China on Friday, CM Yeddyurappa had the shocking news of Bharat Ratna and blind singer Puttaraj Gawai’s death in Gadag. He hastened to the town, 450 km away, with his Ministerial colleagues to lay wreaths and console the people in their agony. He paid homage to the Indian music maestro by declaring one day’s official mourning throughout the state.
No less busy than in China, CM Yeddyurappa spoke of Gawai as man of God who helped thousands of families in food and education, and taught music to innumerous aspirants from his Ashram. His blindness did not deter Gawai from rendering Socio-economic service as dedicated person. In 3 districts, schools were closed to enable students to remember the departed soul, a Doyen among musicians. Back in Bangalore, CM grappled with the issue of reforming his cabinet, removing the dead wood and instilling new and young blood for good, useful governance.