CM offers Rs.200 Crores to Organic agriculture:

Bidar (Karnataka): We are back square one, could be his feeling on agriculture which traveled through organic, Chemical and inorganic forms of manure to raise production. Now everyone finds some good and useful factor in using organic compost in fertilizing the fields before sowing productive seeds. CM on Saturday at Bidar in Aurad taluk inaugurated a programme called In the courtyard of food-giver farmer” at Kundagol, and told local people that an amount of Rs.100 crores had been provided for organic manures under Organic Agricultural Mission in 2009-10 but in the new year budget 2010-11, double this amount would be kept aside to encourage organic farming in state. CM told farmers that Mission head Anand had spent Rs.50 crores already, but could ask for more (like Oliver Twist in an Orphanage in Dickens’ novel). The amount would be increased on the asking, he added. He revealed that 35, 000 farmers would come under the scheme in 2010-11.

The Organic Farming Mission aims to create self-confidence in farming, when chemical inputs failed to increase produce over the years. The farmers have to be pulled out of their vicious circle, by returning to healthy organic compost being used in Indians / local agriculture, CM said.

Every year, 500 farmers were sent abroad hitherto, for study of organic agriculture in various countries. This year and next, in 2010-11, a thousand women in rural agriculture could be sent to foreign lands to backup the attempt to revolutionaries farming methods, as in China, Burmna, Vietnam even USA. The farmers should get rid of tractors / tillers, and take to bullock yoking system for their agricultural lands, and they should learn ways to get richer, by selling their produce to the consumer directly at a decent higher price (without middlemen who eat away their profits), CM expatiated.

He cautioned farmers against misuse / overuse of power, then only they will get free power for farmers to take an oath,  not to poison the earth.