CM in Gulbarga to Campaign in By- election.

Gulbarga : There was a time when CM B.S Yeddyurappa was afraid of his own shadow when Bellary iron ore mining and export selling were discussed, but not anymore. In Gulbarga, he roared like a lion as in his younger days when he was not a minister, against the opposition leaders in state, the other day. He boldly attacked the Congress leaders for protecting those mine owners involved in illegal activities like mining, ruining public roads with heavy loads of ore on transportation to ports (from Bellary to Belekeri), and for their lack of commitment to put an end to this national menace and local turbulence.
He threatened on Sunday that he would come out with a white paper on  Monday on various leases given by Congress governments to mine iron ore in forests and borders and the persons behind illegal exports under Congress rule in the past.
CM had come to Gulbarga on a two day second round campaign for BJP candidate Sashil Namoshi, for the Gulbarga South seat. He asked Congress leaders (MLAs) to tell him what initiatives they had taken so far to ban iron ore exports.
Yeddyurappa claimed that his BJP govt was taking action now to conduct raids on Bellary mines and owners for illegal stocks / exports of ore.
Tracing history, CM told a gathering of voters, that under N. Dharam Singh (in 2002) the govt, had issued leases to 43 firms on a 3000 hectares of land and the Union govt had given lease to 37 out of them. Singh was CM then, and he gave leases on Patta lands (under tenure). Under JD(S) where Kumaraswamy was CM, 47 firms were recommended for mining leases on 3470 hectares and the central govt, sagreed to lease of 22 firms in 2520 hectares. Even when BJP withdrew its support to HDK, he (CM then) went about recommending more firms, CM Yeddyurappa added.
He supported CBI investigation in Belekeri exports, in spite of state Lokayukta conducting a separate enquiry. CID police had arrested 11 persons and identified 57 firms for illegal ore exports. CM said he would publish full details of this ugly episode on Monday.