CM gives Centre his wish-list for state

The government has accused the Centre of adopting `a discriminatng and step-motherly’ attitude towards the state. In a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, chief minister B S Yeddyurappa has highlighted several points and urged the Centre to implement them.
Special status to Hyderabad-Karnatak region under Article 371 of the Constitution

“People of Karnataka have been requesting for according special status to the region under Article 371, on par with Telangana area in Andhra Pradesh. The area was under the erstwhile Nizam’s rule, along with Telangana. It is unfortunate that similarly placed districts in Andhra Pradesh have been given the special status, while the Hyderabad-Karnatak districts have been denied this benefit.”

Sanction of IIT

Committee headed by UR Rao had recommended for an IIT to be established in Karnataka way back in 1998. Last year, nine IITs were sanctioned in nine states. To our dismay, Karnataka did not figure in the list.

Stationing NSG unit

The state government, after the terrorist attack in Mumbai, has been requesting for stationing of an NSG unit in Bangalore, which has a large number of sensitive defence establishments and global IT-BT companies. In your reply to my letter, you had assured Bangalore will be one of the places for expanding the NSG units. However, to our disappointment, the Centre has sanctioned NSG units for Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad, yet again ignoring the legitimate claim of Karnataka.

Allocation of power from central grid

The share of Karnataka in the power allocated to the southern states from the Central grid is only about 17% amounting to 1,542 MW. Our neighbouring states — Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu — get 32% (2,955 MW) and 34% (3,173 MW) respectively from the Central grid, even though our shortage is higher.

Financial allocation under calamity relief fund

Every year, the Centre has been allocating calamity relief fund to different states, which is to be based on size and need. Karnataka has not been receiving adequate funds under National Calamity Contingency Fund either

Sanctioning of new railway projects and trains

Karnataka has been contributing up to 66.67% of the total cost of the new railway projects in the state. So far, six cost sharing projects have been taken up by the railways in the state. We have been requesting for another 10 new railway lines and increased number of train services in the state.

Air services from Bidar airport

The Air Force airport at Bidar is proposed to be used for civil aviation. After getting permission from the defence ministry, we requested Airports Authority of India to develop the civil enclave for operation of commercial flights from this airport. In order to commission the airport as early as possible, the state government has built a terminal building at a cost of about Rs 4 crore. But AAI has not come forward to commission the airport, as the ministry of civil aviation has not given permission for civilian operations from this airport.

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