ChiefMinister warns tough action against non-performing officers

ChiefMinister warns tough action against non-performing officers

123MYSORE:In what could be assumed as a fitting reply to the ongoing ‘off screen’ politics against his leadership, launch.

Minister Janardhana Reddy and his coterie of ministers and legislators, Chief Minister S Yeddyurappa on Saturday saidthat he was not scared of anybody, as long as he enjoys the support of the people.

Yeddyurappa was addressing a huge gathering at Vikasa Sankalpa Utsava held in the city.

Continuing, when the chief minister sought the verdict of thegathering, people raised their hands in support of the leader.

At the same time, the CM said power was not permanent and that there was no dearth of people indulging in dirty politicking. To alleviate the woes of sugarcane growers in Mandya, the chief minister announced that it has been decided to hand over Pandavapura Sahakari Sakkare Kharkane (PSSK) to Mysugar. Dissenting voices

While speaking to the media soon after his arrival at the helipad, Yeddyurappa rubbished Janardhana Reddy and other ministers’ voices of dissent against him as ‘speculations’.

His reply was the same on demands placed brothers to drop a few ministers from the Cabinet. Meanwhile, on Energy Min isterS Eshwarappa’s grouse thatYeddyurappa got ticket for hisson Y Raghavendra to contest the recently concluded

Lok Sabha elections, flouting the principles of the party, the chief minister said he was not bothered, as he has alreadyreceived the same from the people.

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