Chief Minister’s Press Statement 31.07.2011


1.    As you are already aware, I have tendered my resignation to the post of Chief Minister of Karnataka.
2.    Hailing from a small farmer family of Bookanakere in K.R.Pet Taluk of Mandya District, I entered public life as a Member of Shikaripur Municipal Council. In my public life career spanning four decades, I have served as Municipal President, Member of Legislative Assembly, Opposition Leader in the Legislative Assembly, Deputy Chief Minister and the Chief Minister, Karnataka. In all these positions, I have strived for the cause of the people keeping the public good above all other considerations.

3.    Relentless struggle for the welfare of the people and true concern for their well being, catapulted me to the positions of power.

4.    As a disciplined soldier of the party, bowing to the diktat of the party leadership, I have stepped down from the position of the Chief Minister.

5.    I had the good fortune of serving the people of my State as the Chief Minister for a period of three years and two months.

6.    I sincerely thank the people of the State, especially the voters of my constituency Shikaripur, party workers, leaders both at the State as well as National level, my Cabinet Colleagues, all elected representatives including Legislators and Members of Parliament and officers who have extended full support and co-operation to me during my Chief Minister-ship.

7.    I do hope and believe that my successor will also be extended full support and co-operation from all those who stood behind me through thick and thin.

8.    When I took over the reigns of the State on 30th May, 2008, I had promised to strive for a strong and vibrant Karnataka. While stepping down from the Chief Ministership, I have the satisfaction of having done my best to realize this promise and sincerely hope that the new Chief Minister will take a cue from this and take the State forward.

9.    Several innovative programmes implemented by our Government like the first-ever separate Agriculture Budget, encouragement to Organic Farming, Bhagyalakshmi Programme aimed at the empowerment of Girl Children from BPL families, Sandhya Suraksha which provides social security to the Senior Citizens, Free Bicycles for the High School Children, Global Investors Meet which witnessed unprecedented success and other development and people welfare programmes have been widely acclaimed.

10.    Due to the success of Global Investors Meet, an investment of over Rs. 5 lakh crore is being made in the State creating a job potential to over 7 lakh youths. In order to attract private investments for the Agricultural Sector, our Government has planned for a Global Agri-Investors Meet. Long awaited Bangalore Metro Project is becoming a reality. The Suvarna Vidhana Soudha at Belgaum is nearing completion and the next Legislature Session will be held there itself.

11.    Our Government has come out with a novel scheme to extend monthly pension of Rs.1,000 to the un-married women over 50 years of age. Like this, more than two crore persons are getting one or the other benefit directly under the beneficiary oriented schemes of our Government.  I have the immense satisfaction of working according to the aspirations of the people and utilizing the position of power for the public good.

12.    Karnataka State has abundant natural resources and I can proudly state that my Government has sincerely strived to preserve these natural resources for future use. A new mineral policy which provides for value addition was put in place within the first three months of our Government and export of iron ore was banned. Our’s is the first State Government in the entire country to take this revolutionary measure which was upheld by both the High Court of Karnataka and the Supreme Court of India.

13.    However, despite my sincere attempts to preserve the natural resources of the State, I have been accused unfairly. I leave this to the judgement of the enlightened people of the State.

14.    In the last 40 years of my public life, I have travelled to every nook and corner of the State to organize and strengthen the party. With the active support of our party organization, I was instrumental in bringing the first ever BJP Government in South India. Despite indiscriminate attacks by the opposition from day in and day out, I have marched forward without getting disillusioned and disheartened.

15.    As a disciplined soldier of the party, I believed from the beginning that no sacrifice is above the party. Therefore, bowing to the directive of the party seniors, I have stepped down from the Chief Minister’s post without any hesitation.

16.    While travelling in the State and addressing the public meetings as the Chief Minister and even before, the people of the State used to gather in large numbers with new hopes and aspirations in their eyes. This picture stand etched in my mind and I used to draw inspiration from these crowds. While stepping down from the position of the Chief Minister, I have now resolved not to take rest but actively involve myself in the work of organizing the party and serve the public in future also.

17.    I am greatly indebted to the people of the State for their love and affection and I promise that no stone will be left unturned to live up to their aspirations. My sincere thanks to one and all.

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  1. Veeeraraghavan

    No doubt. Good job done in all capacities. Brighter days ahead. Many chances that you will be asked to serve India at all India level. Modi and you are capable of doing good to Indian people. Continue the struggle for good cause. The hurdles created are temporary and will vanish in no time. We pray for good for you.

  2. Mahadeva Prasad

    You are the best leader. Karnataka needs eminent and capable personality like you for the rapid development, we will support you forever. Wish you the very best for KJP.

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