six. Refrain from the usage of social Wi-Fi

six. Refrain from the usage of social Wi-Fi

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7. Do not fall for fake texts and you can characters

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All the 1059 “Fowlers Gap” individuals were genotyped towards 4553 SNPs in the IKMB on Kiel College

All the 1059 “Fowlers Gap” individuals were genotyped towards 4553 SNPs in the IKMB on Kiel College

Individual genotyping and you may quality assurance

Quality control was done using the R package GWASTools (v1.6.2) and details are provided in Knief et al. . In summary, we removed 111 individuals with a missing call rate larger than 0.05 (which was due to DNA extraction problems, but these birds were genotyped in the follow-up study; see the “Follow-up genotyping and phenotyping in captive populations” section below), leaving 948 individuals. Further, we removed 152 SNPs that did not form defined genotype clusters, or had high missing call rates (missing rate >0.1), or were monomorphic, or deviated strongly from HWE (Fisher’s exact test P < 0.), or because their position in the zebra finch genome assembly was likely not correct, leaving 4401 SNPs.

LD calculations

Inversion polymorphisms result in comprehensive LD across the upside-down region, toward high LD nearby the inversion breakpoints since recombination during the these types of places is almost completely suppressed inside inversion heterozygotes [53–55]. So you’re able to display getting inversion polymorphisms i did not take care of genotypic research toward haplotypes for example founded most of the LD computation toward compound LD . We calculated new squared Pearson’s relationship coefficient (roentgen dos ) just like the a standard way of measuring LD between every a few SNPs toward a chromosome genotyped regarding the 948 someone [99, 100]. (more…)

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