The five types of girls you’ll meet on Tinder

The five types of girls you’ll meet on Tinder

However, about 85% of the girls you’re going to meet on apps like Tinder fall into one of the five categories you’re about to read

My fellow gentlemen and bros, before you look at the five types of ladies below, just know that there are other types of women using online dating.

Ladies, don’t be offended – I’m right whether you know it or not. I know you don’t like being labeled “this” or “that,” but it’s incredibly easy to label you. Just embrace it.

She’s probably from the West Coast or a foreign country or some Third World area like New Jersey. I always get a little excited when I find a girl from Australia – that accent is just about the sexiest thing I could hear outside of Ariana Grande serenading me with my negative test results. Random food for thought: I still haven’t crossed Australia off of my “To Do” list. While that’s the beautiful side to the girls in this group, tread carefully, there’s a dark side: If she’s from Boston, beware of that God-awful accent. Side note: I’m actually going out with a girl from Boston tonight. Should be wicked awesome.

A couple of weeks back I helped the ladies out with a little cheat sheet entitled “The Five Types of Guys You’ll Meet on Tinder

Now, this doesn’t actually have to be a one-night stand, but it’s probably best. She is the most promiscuous gal that Tinder has to offer. She’s probably not wearing a lot of clothing, if any at all, in her photos. There’s a lot of cleavage being thrown around. Tattoos are visible, most likely on the lower back and/or ribs. Dyed hair is a strong possibility – the more ridiculous the color, the more questionable her morals. (more…)

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