BPOs for rural sector: Yeddyurappa

The three decades of service to the RSS, erstwhile Jan Sangh and now the BJP, at last reached fruition for B S Yeddyurappa, who will be at the driving seat of the BJP government in Karnataka.
Set to assume the role of the Chief Minister of the state, Yeddyurappa wants to forget the bitter past of betrayal by the JD (S), which was one of the poll planks, promises to seriously implement the party’s manifesto.

In an interaction with the media, Yeddyurappa spoke about his party’s victory in Karnataka and his unprecedented victory at Shikaripur, his priorities, and arranging at least three MLAs to touch the magic number of 113 to stake a claim to form a government in Karnataka.

How do you see the victory of your party?
It is a historic victory for us as the dream of Atalji and Advaniji to install a BJP government in South has come true. I am grateful to the electorate for reposing faith in our party and me. It is a humbling experience. I would also like to give credit to our senior leader Arun Jaitley for playing a significant role in our historic win.

Were you expecting such results?
Yes, we were pretty sure about the victory because our own survey had given a picture that we will be coming to power. People are fed up with the price rise and terrorism. There were several local factors as well.

Was that betrayal by JD(S)? How much did the ‘sympathy’ card worked in your favour?
I don’t want to recall the past. Now my priority is to look at the present and shape the future. People gave us a mandate to bring a reform in the state and put the state on the development track.

You have reached close to the magic number, yet the clear cut majority is away by three numbers. How are you going to arrange the three MLAs to support you?
We are considering it. We will try to seek help from the independents. Already three independents have contacted us to extend support to our government. That’s not a major problem. We will give a stable government as people had expected.

When are you going to form the government?
Tomorrow we have a meeting to decide our further strategies of forming the government and we will meet the Governor in this regard. Most likely we will form the government on May 28.

What will be your priorities?
Our focus will be mainly on all round development of Karnataka. We will seriously implement our party’s election manifesto, contain corruption and also terrorism. We will also try to make the BPO sector reach to the rural areas so that the rural sector too get benefited and the regional imbalance can be reduced. We will also encourage industrial growth in the state and focus on the development of backward communities and minorities in the state.

There were demands from several quarters about lifting ban on arrack. Will you give a thought over it?
The question doesn’t arise. Rather we will be very strict in implementing the prohibition order. A series of hooch tragedies in the past should not be repeated.

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