It is the BJP which has been responsible for smashing the hegemony of Congress rule in the country and for converting Indian politics into bi-polar political system, remarked BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Sri L K Advani.

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A few drops of showers just when Sri Advani began his speech at National School grounds at Basavanagudi did not deter the mammoth gathering that had assembled to hear the BJP stalwart and Sri BJP MADE INDIAN POLITY BI-POLARAdvani did not disappoint them.  In his one hour long speech he talked about BJPs strengths, its commitment for the development and welfare of the country, its concern for Indian farmers, India’s security and also the failures of the opposition parties.

Sri Advani pointed out that today BJP has become such a formidable force breaking the dominance of Congress that no government can be formed at the centre without the support of the Congress or BJP”.

He further added “the third front is a big joke and fourth front is a farce.  In India nobody wants a third front.  It will only be a theory and it will not work”.

Explaining that BJP believes in honest governance, development and security of the country Sri Advani said BJP follows a policy of zero tolerance towards terrorism.  “We have killed all those terrorists who attacked on parliament.  These terrorists wanted to kill democracy in India.  If Indian democracy is surviving today it is because of the sacrifice of our security forces who laid down their lives to defend the parliament”, he declared.

He charged the Congress of following vote bank politics saying by following such an approach they are insulting Muslims.  “If any party believes in true secularism it is the BJP.  All other parties are following vote bank politics just to garner votes of the minorities”, he stated. Unlike 2004 when BJP was over confident which resulted in its surprise defeat in the elections, he said in 2009 elections BJP will be successful as the party workers are fully charged and are working hard to ensure party’s victory.  The 2009 election is going to change the history of India, he asserted.

Sri Advani pointed out he has notice two major differences in the elections that were held up to 2004 and the 2009 elections. “For the first time A B Vajpayee who participated in every election as a candidate or as a campaigner is not participating due to ill health.  The second difference is that BJP has overcome the tag of being a North Indian party by establishing a BJP led government in Karnataka.  BJP has now entered into an alliance in the north-east state of Assam with AGP.  As a result BJP has been able to spread its influence in the North, south, east and west of India”, Sri Advani remarked.

Continuing his tirade against the Congress Sri Advani said India does not become an economic power if a few people figure in the Forbe magazine’s list of wealthiest people in the world.  He questioned how the country can become an economic power when its farmers are committing suicide and when in a year 20 wealthy people in India earn more than what 300 million Indians earn.   “Farmers in our country have committed suicide in Congress ruled states like Andhrapradesh and Maharashtra.  Our Agriculture Minister hails from Maharashtra.  But instead of being an Agriculture Minister he has become a Cricket Minister, he ridiculed.  He said if any country needs to be developed they have to think about farmers and their welfare.

He explained that NDA’s greatest achievement during its 6 year rule was the Phokran explosion conducted in 1998 which made every Indian proud, raising their stature a few inches higher.  He also said it was in 1964 that the then Bharatiya Jana Sangha made a promise of making India a nuclear power.  The BJP delivered what it promised after 34 years in 1998.

He called upon the people to vote for all the four BJP candidates from Bangalore with a thumping majority in the ensuing elections.

Earlier Chief Minister Sri B S Yeddyurappa called the Congress for a debate on the accusations made by Congress leader Sri Rahul Gandhi.  He said BJP is ready for debate with all statistics to prove his accusations wrong.

BJP Lok Sabha candidates Ananth Kumar, B N Chandre Gowda, M C Mohan along with BJP leaders Venkaiah Naidu, Ram Jois, Katta Subrahmanya Naidu, D H Shankaramurthy, R Ashok, Ramachandra Gowda and other local leaders were present at the dais.

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