Chief Minister Performed Puja At Radhakrishna Temple.

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  1. Subu

    The three years have been very eventful and is marked by around progress. Welfare schemes devised, so ingeniously for the poor has reached the target audience. The overall growth of industry and agriculture has-been good.
    Infra development has been on track
    If only the opposition had behaved responsibly much more could have been achieved
    Hope from now on the Honble C M gets the time totally for betterment of the Kannadigas, instead of having to fend against reckless onslaught of the opposition

    Wishing you a long and purposeful innings

  2. subu

    This is progress-. There has been a marked qualitative difference in the living standards of the Kannadigas which they whole heartedly welcome-proof is the successive electoral verdict
    This does not mean you have thrown fiscal discipline to the winds- the efficient revenue collection has been wisely appropriated for the people’s welfare. More revenue has been taken from the stronger sections of the society and redistributed as welfare schemes to the needy poor-you have strengthened the weak without weakening the strong

    Be it education; infra, rural upliftment, civic facilities up gradation, have all received not only more resources but they have been deployed productively

    Kindly accept my congratulations on this impressive accomplishment.
    May God continue to give you the resolve to fend off venomous opposition?
    In strengthening the weak,you have no parallel

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