ABVP Meeting

Elakki Belegarara Deligation

Public Grievance


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  1. Subu

    It is very disparaging to see the desperation of the Governor to dislodge you from office. He seems to be more concerned about the growth of Congress than the party itself. – What a denigration of this exalted office.
    I think this bluff of the Governor has to be called and the pressure to remove him should be kept up How can you focus on the good work and wholesome governance when they trouble you, ad nauseum with senseless allegations and subversion?

    Sir, cats have nine lives they say, but your Government will have an eternal life span- thanks to the yeoman service rendered to the poorest of the poor. The most neglected part of society has been the most beneficiary of your schemes.

    People are watching; see the verdict in Tamilnadu where Congress bluff was called .Andhra has already been bequeathed to the opposition. Pondichery, the dissident Congress man has been returned with thumping majority. Kerala it is a wafer thin margin and no one can predict the life span
    If they con like this in Karnataka, the entire south can be removed from the map of Congress
    Hope they realize this.

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