Chief Minister at Belagavi



Book Release



Chief Minister speaking with aishwaraya rai
Release of Calendar of film academy

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  1. subu

    Increasing popularity of your Excellency, solely due to your contribution to the downtrodden people of Karnataka is a great threat to the opposition.
    Unfortunately for the opposition this people support to you is growing and the trust quotient in your administration is increasing. This has happened across sectors and more so in the rural areas.-thanks to your well thought out rural development schemes which has been implemented without; many leakages

    When I see the outbursts of Kumaraswamy I am reminded of the Aesop’s fables where the wolf having made up its mind to consume the lamb, will manufacture blames to accuse the poor lamb. While the poor lamb will try to deny all the doctored crimes, the wolf would pounce on the lamb and kill it.
    Similarly JD(s) is inventing flippant accusations to bring disrepute to the glorious administration. It does not realise neither is it the wolf with such innate intelligence nor is the target a poor lamb.; This is a seasoned lion and a roar will put down this wolf to swoon

    People will respect politicians when their energies are diverted to the welfare of the common man. Mere slander through friendly media does not earn the respect of the people
    This has been proved,ad nauseam; let better sense prevail

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