‘Yeddyurappa and I are like Hakka-Bukka’- Ananth kumar

‘Yeddyurappa and I are like Hakka-Bukka’- Ananth kumar

Shree Ananth kumar

Keeping in consonance with his new-found admiration for Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) senior leader and national general secretary H N Ananthkumar, likened his relationship with Yeddyurappa to Hakka-Bukka- the twins who founded the Vijayanagar dynasty- of the state BJP.

“We (he and the CM) are like Hakka Bukka of Vijayanagar empire. We both single- handedly struggled to build the party in the state,” he said while inaugurating the Rashtriya Veerashaiva Hitarakshana Vedike here on Thursday.

Further he said that there were no differences between them and they were as united as, yes, the historical duo who never allowed personal ambitions to come between them to achieve their goal of establishing Vijayanagar empire.

“We are united till this moment and we will remain so in the future also, no matter what appears in the media about us,” Ananth Kumar said in a defiant tone.

It may be recalled that Kumar, a day ago, had equated himself and Yeddyurappa to Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and batting meastro Sachin Tendulkar to drive a point that there were no differences between them.

He also claimed that his 20 years of service to the party and the struggle of Yeddyurappa had contributed a lot to realise party’s dream of forming a government in the state on its own.

He even praised Yeddyurappa for presenting four pro-poor, pro-people budgets in a row.

“The programmes like loan waiver and disbursement of loans at 3 per cent interest rate are commendable measures,” he added.

He also appealed to voters to elect BJP to save the country from the ongoing crisis in farming, economy,security.

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